About Us

Don’t let the team of 65 passionate professionals make you think we’re just another large, impersonal corporate practice. At Strategem we are all about people and helping our clients lead enriched lives through better financial decisions.

Proud of our history in Bendigo, Strategem dates back to 1932 when the practice began. Our forefathers created the foundation of our business by merging their vast knowledge of accounting, taxation and wealth management with a healthy dose of trust, to grow the company we now know as Strategem.

Just as people are important to us, so is our community. Our locally-owned and operated firm has developed a strong community connection through our commitment to the Strategem Community Foundation.

Taking that regional heart and soul of our Bendigo based business and expanding operations into the Melbourne CBD in 2011, has given us a chance to offer our diverse range of services to an expanding clientele in Melbourne.

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