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It’s a rapidly changing world that we live in and with technology controlling so much of our lives it’s vital to be in the online space if you’re wanting attention.

Strategem are now offering their clients the option of paying their invoices online. It may seem like this should be a given in this day and age, but up until just recently, our clients were limited in their payment options. With a time-poor population, we realized this was not efficient.

Introducing Quickfee online payments

In conjunction with our attempts to become a more innovative, paperless office, unless otherwise specified, you will receive your invoices from us via email. From there it’s simply a click of a button to complete your payment.

Increased efficiency and practicality

QuickFee online payments allow you to pay your invoice wherever you are, whenever you are available. If you’re an employee working 9am – 5pm, no doubt the last thing on your mind during your lunch breaks is to pay your outstanding fees. Our new payment system gives you the option of seamlessly paying your invoice as soon as it drops in to your email inbox – done and dusted. Alternatively, you can pay when you’re available – before breakfast, after dinner or on the weekend.

Our staff are here to help

If you receive an invoice and you’re not sure how to complete the payment online, our friendly staff are here to help. If you prefer to speak to someone when making your payment our staff are available over the phone and in our office to process this with you.

If you have any questions about our invoice process or about an invoice you’ve received, contact us and let us help, click here or call 
Bendigo 03 5445 4777
Melbourne 03 8621 8100

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