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Trust in the finance sector is hard to find. Putting your financial affairs into the hands of a stranger takes a lot of courage. Therefore when it comes time to letting someone in, it’s important you feel comfortable and confident. 

The recent banking royal commission left the nation is a state of uncertainty, concern and in a position of lost faith. Twelve months on and the industry is still trying to claw back the trust that was lost after the findings were announced.

Commissioner Kenneth Hayne’s final report to the Federal Government stated “Until satisfactory steps have been taken to deal with those involved in the charging of ‘fees for no service’, and to ensure that it does not happen again, the financial advice industry will lack the public respect and trust that is a necessary aspect of any profession”.

Insurers, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, car dealers and retail super funds were at the forefront of the report with a number of changes outlined to be heading their way. But when it comes to money and finance, our radars are on high alert, as savings and superannuation can dramatically affect us all.

Amidst the inflation of worry, there are the small to medium businesses, providing trusted financial advice, who have been taken along for the ride, and as a result left with a tarnished reputation.

We all know the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover, and in this circumstance it’s important to remember there are finance firms out there who are following the rules. Firms that are registered and carry an Australian Financial Services licence (AFSL), and employ Financial Advisors who are proud of their client relationships being built on a foundation of trust.

These firms are located within your community. They are the businesses supporting your local events, giving local people the opportunity to develop their careers, and have been servicing your friends and family for generations. These are the people you can trust to ensure your individual circumstances are the priority.

Financial Advisors working for a firm that holds an AFSL have the power of flexibility and independence.

Strategem Investment Services holds their AFSL ensuring our clients receive personalised advice.

We take our commitment to our clients very seriously.

Having the ability to provide advice that is completely based on the individual’s circumstance is fundamental when advising someone on their financial affairs. Superannuation, insurance and investment options are not aspects of a one size fits all case.

When you decide it’s time to seek financial assistance, make sure you do your research. Don’t be frighten by the headlines screaming ‘Financial Mistrust’ or ‘Deception in Finance Industry’, look past dim façade and know there are Advisors who have your best interests at heart and who are passionate about enriching your life.

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